Grain composition analyzer

The New Mega Crystal grain composition analyzer is a portable device for fast determination of the protein, carbohydrate, moisture, or oil content of the grain, corn, oil crops, protein crops, and other crops, ideal for the determination of the growth phase, harvest timing and storage life.  The device offers a mobile app for customers' smart farming requirements.


Ideal for the determination of the growth status, harvest timing, and storage life - With the grain composition is determined directly on the field to make fertilizing grain, harvesting preparation, and storage timing decisions. 

The portable system connects to a mobile app - The data is stored in the cloud for future big data analysis, and smart farming preparation.  The app is customizable to match OEM customers' requirements.
The portable system can extend its testing capability by downloading an optional database.  For more information, please contact Mega Crystal's regional technical support team or distributors.
The system has high measuring accuracy - automatic temperature correction and the quality measurement electronics provide consistent and reliable results. The usual data has the deviations at max. + / - 1%.


Robust and portable full-grain analyzer
Measurement spectrum 650~1100nm
Sample size: 20 ml
Accuracy: +/- 1%
Resolution: 0.1 %
Automatic temperature compensation
Calibration curves are individually adjustable
Free mobile application 
Smart farming preparation
Auto power-off
USB charger

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