Inspired by the time of flight technology, experts at Mega Crystal invented a completely new light source called “Microstructure Light '', the unique light structure was designed to generate powerful yet wide optical wavelengths. This feature allows long-distance sensing not available in today’s traditional spectrometers. Depending on the measuring scenario, it could sense 20cm or longer between testing object. It is capable of measuring material composition over certain areas by keeping a measuring distance from objects. Another feature of Mega Crystal’s Microstructure light is its wide wavelength which ranges from 260nm ~ 1700nm, this uniqueness allows a wide range of compounds to be accurately determined.
The customized multi-spectral InGaAs sensing chip is designed to capture over 18 or more channels with a resolution of 10nm. The device integrates a special optical filter and coating to precisely control the light entering the sensor.
The material sensing engine is an advanced system-on-chip designed specifically for complex chemometric model analysis and artificial neural network (ANN) material sensing algorithm. ANN requires extreme computational horsepower, but this new breed of AI microcontrollers is built to ensure energy-efficient computing. The special Arm Cortex and Neural Network Accelerator architecture are highly flexible, allowing the system to be trained in conventional toolsets, then converted for execution.