Mega Crystal is the ODM/OEM developer of the world’s smallest grain quality measurement system.  The company developed various industrial and consumer application-specific spectrometers and formed partnerships with several global leaders in the consumer and industrial domains.  The aim is to offer portable, budgetary equipment with laboratory accuracy to the mass market.

Feature and Benefits:

- Analyses solid and powdered samples for added versatility.

- Handles small samples (50g) or less.

- Compact, portable, robust design & high accuracy.

- Mobile and Cloud Platform connected for grain database update/upgrade, big data analysis and precision farming.

- Integrates the latest semi-conductor lighting and molecular sensor technology for consistent accurate measurement and product reliability.

The unit above is a functional proven prototype customizable to meet preferred industrial design, and use cases.  Wheat or tested grain is poured into the patented rotating chamber.  The typical tested weight is 50 grams and can be adjusted based on the customer’s preferred industrial design.  Typical testing time is less than 60 seconds.  Once tested, the data is displayed on a mobile phone and uploaded to the user’s cloud platform for further analysis.  The user interface (UI) in the mobile phone can be customized to ensure ease of use.

For more info please click the Youtube link below:

Smart Grain Composition Analyzer